Morocco / Israel: two Israeli ministers expected in Morocco soon

During a news conference in Rabat on Thursday, David Govrin, the charge d’affaires of the Israeli liaison office in Morocco, said that Israeli defense and finance ministers Benny Gantz and Orna Barbivai will be visiting the Moroccan capital.

“Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid visited Morocco two months ago, and Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Israeli Minister of Economy are also set to visit Morocco,” he said, according to the Israeli news site i24.

These visits, according to Govrin, are part of a dynamic of expanding relations between the two countries on a variety of levels and in a variety of areas, including trade and the economy. He also emphasized the impact they have on Moroccan and Israeli society.

He continued, “We are always seeking to build and network partnerships in other domains, such as water, agriculture, and renewable energy,” citing tangible progress in scholarly, cultural, and educational activities between the two countries.
In terms of the tourism sector, the envoy mentioned the pandemic’s limits, as well as the recent debut of direct flights between Israel and Morocco.

He stated his desire for services that will assist revitalize the tourist industry on both sides.

During this meeting, David Govrin explained that Israel’s connections with the Gulf countries and those with Morocco are vastly different.

Unlike the first, which was only a year old, the ones between Israel and Morocco have a history stretching back to 1995, when “we created cultural and social contacts, in the sense that Israeli civil societies and Moroccan civil societies have maintained these relations.”

“This trait has contributed to the restart of contacts between the two countries since December of last year,” Govrin estimated.

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