Security Council, Sahara: Cuba and Venezuela turn their back on the separatist front proposal

Several Latin American countries have praised Morocco’s efforts to find a permanent solution to the Moroccan Sahara case before the United Nations General Assembly’s 4th Committee in New York.

In this regard, the Dominican Republic reaffirmed its support for the Kingdom’s efforts in favor of a “credible and acceptable” political settlement for the Sahara through its permanent mission to the United Nations.

The Dominican envoy to the United Nations also stated that his country “appreciates, at their true value,” the UN Secretary General’s efforts to find a realistic and long-term solution to the situation in the Moroccan Sahara with all parties involved.

Milenko Skoknic, Chile’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative, pleaded for a solution that will help strengthen stability and security in the region, which is “currently facing increasing security threats” and “has been impacted by covid-19 in its various dimensions, like all regions of the world.”

The resolution of this conflict, which has lasted over 40 years, will benefit not only international and regional security, but also sustainable development processes and the 2030 Agenda.

It’s also critical to emphasize the need of all conflict parties “renewing their commitment in order to take the political process ahead,” he said.

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