Intensive meetings in Agadir to prepare for African Lion 2022 maneuvers

Intensive meetings are taking place at the headquarters of the Royal Armed Forces’ Southern Region in Agadir these days in preparation for the 18th edition of the African Lion 2022 maneuvers, which are part of the joint military exercises between Morocco and the United States of America.

High-ranking military officials from both countries met for an extended meeting at the Southern Command yesterday, Monday, October 25, 2021, to finalize all details for the continent’s largest military event.

These maneuvers, which involve thousands of Moroccan and American soldiers as well as soldiers from other countries from around the world, are aimed at improving the maneuvering capabilities of participating units, enhancing interoperability among participants in the planning and execution of joint operations within the framework of the alliance, and mastering tactics, techniques, and procedures, as well as developing cyber defense skills.

This combined exercise also aims to train the air sector in combat operations, support, and refueling from the air, improve maritime security cooperation, conduct naval exercises in naval tactics and conventional warfare, and perform humanitarian activities.

The “African Lion” exercise is a joint multinational exercise organized and managed by the US Africa Command (AFRICOM) in partnership with the Royal Armed Forces with the goal of improving cooperation and training, increasing interoperability, and enhancing the exchange of experiences and knowledge between the components. Different military forces are needed in order for it to reach its maximum operational potential.

It is worth noting that the joint Moroccan-American exercises “African Lion 2021” had previously organized their 17th edition from 7 to 18 June 2021 in the regions of Agadir, Tifnit, Tan-Tan, Mahbas in the Moroccan Sahara, Tafraout, Benguerir and Kenitra, based on the high instructions of King Mohammed VI.

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