Colombia, Morocco Share Common Vision of Migration Policy (Joint Statement)

Colombia and Moroccounderlined the similarities in their visions of a migration strategy that protects migrants’ fundamental rights and ensures their dignity on Thursday in Rabat.

“Colombia and Morocco converge in their vision of a migration policy that safeguards the legitimate rights of migrants and guarantees their dignity,” said the joint statement following talks between the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Bourita, and the Vice-President and Minister of External Relations of Colombia, Marta Lucia Ramirez.

According to the joint statement, Bourita and Ramirez agreed, given the impact of the migration phenomenon that “it represents a real challenge for the international community.”

In this context and concerning the crisis in Venezuela, Bourita “welcomed the extensive work carried out by Colombia to address the humanitarian situation resulting from the large number of Venezuelan migrants arriving in the country,” emphasizing the significance of Colombia giving Temporary Protection Status to Venezuelan migrants and issuing the Temporary Protection Card.

Herefore, Bourita reaffirmed Morocco’s support for Colombia’s “Peace with Legality” policy, as directed by President Ivan Duque Márquez, and the numerous stabilization initiatives undertaken by Colombia in the fulfillment of peace treaties.

He praised President lván Duque Márquez and his government’s efforts in the areas of peace and legality, as well as the development of conditions in the country’s regions and the impact of these actions on stability and perception, according to the joint statement.

Bourita also praised the decision announced by the International Criminal Court’s Prosecutor General to close the preliminary file on Colombia.

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