Morocco will not be drawn into a war with its neighbor Algeria

A source told AFP on Wednesday that Morocco had not targeted and would not target any Algerian, regardless of the circumstances or provocations.

Following the announcement by the Algerian presidency that three Algerians had been killed in a bombing attributed to Moroccan armed forces in the Moroccan desert, a source who preferred anonymity confirmed that the Kingdom would not be drawn into a war with its neighbor Algeria, commenting on what he described as “free accusations.”

“Morocco does not desire conflict if Algeria does.” Morocco will not be drawn into a spiral of violence that threatens the region’s peace by criticizing “free charges” leveled against the country.

“If Algeria wishes to provoke and threaten the area into war, Morocco will not go after it,” continued.

After all previous attempts to provoke Morocco did fail, the Algerian regime appears to have tried a new tactic, promoted a bogus bombing and accused Morocco of being behind it.

Based on the Algerian Lies Agency, which is run by the military regimes, three Algerians were murdered in a bombing of trucks traveling between Mauritania and Algeria, which was blamed on Morocco.

Since yesterday, this charge has been based on the dissemination of photographs of burnt truck structures caused by the outbreak of fire, as well as the absence of rocket bombing indicators nearby.

According to the Agency, “three Algerian citizens were bombed as they traveled between Nouakchott and Ouargla as part of customary trading amongst the peoples of the region.”

Morocco was accused of targeting trucks “with a sophisticated weapon,” according to the agency specializing in deception and fabrication.

The desert road connecting Nouakchott and Ouargla runs around 3500 kilometers.

The Algerian presidency stated in a statement that “their assassination will not go unpunished.” On the other hand, Mauritanian army denied there had been any bombardment in the area in a statement.

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