Amine, a journalist specializing in maghrebine affairs, on His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s Green March speech

Amine, a journalist specializing in maghrebine affairs, on His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s noble speech to the nation on the forty-sixth anniversary of the historic Green March, delivered on Saturday, that the Moroccanness of the Sahara case is non-negotiable, and what’s open to negotiations is to find a peaceful solution to the artificial regional conflict.

HM King Mohammed VI emphasized on his speech to Moroccan partners with clear and transparent attitudes to consider Morocco’s southern provinces an integral part of its national territory.

Hence, HM King Mohammed VI speech pointed out to the achievements by the Moroccan Sahara file whether on developmental and democratic level and the democratic participation of Sahrawis in Morocco’s southern provinces.

His Majesty the King Mohammed VI addressed implicit messages to Algeria stating Morocco’s commitment to a peaceful solution, adherence to the ceasefire, and intention to continue the coordination and cooperation with the MINURSO, within the remit of its specified mandate.

The Royal Speech also stressed that Morocco will not have any economic or commercial transaction with countries with ambiguous or ambivalent attitudes, in which the Moroccan Sahara is not included.

The Royal Speech pointed out to the honest international partners who invest, alongside the private sector, in a clear, transparent environment, for the benefit of the region’s populations.

His Majesty also reiterated Morocco’s commitment to the need to abide by the frame of reference mentioned in the Security Council resolutions since 2007 and applied in the meetings held in Geneva under UN auspices.

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