The Government Eases Covid-19 Restrictions, Lifts Night Curfew from Wednesday

On the basis of the Scientific and Technical Commission’s recommendations, the government has decided to take a number of steps, including lifting the restriction on night travel throughout the country as of Wednesday, November 10.

The government stated in a statement on Tuesday that the decision was made in light of the positive results of the national Covid-19 immunization campaign and their impact on the Kingdom’s epidemiological situation, as well as the legal regulations governing the administration of the state of health emergency.

Other precautions have been implemented, such as the requirement to provide a vaccine pass or a vaccination exemption certificate while traveling overseas, as well as access to all restricted areas (workplaces, tourist establishments, shops, cafes, restaurants, sports halls, hammams as well as other public services).

It also covers the authorization of travel between prefectures and provinces without the presentation of any documents, the planning of funerals and ceremonies in strict accordance with the current preventive measures, and the preservation of the closure of locations that house big gatherings.

The administration will conduct frequent assessments of all regional and municipal developments and take the required steps to protect citizens’ health, according to the statement.

It also encourages individuals to continue to follow the current preventive and health measures, and encourages those who have not been vaccinated or who are concerned about the third dosage to visit health centers to get vaccinated, in order to help speed up the return to normal life.

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