Kenya’s constructive attitude bodes well for a bright future in Kenyan-Moroccan ties

Sanaa L’ masoudi, carved her name in the Mediterranean Radio’s history for the past two decades, has been able to engage in interviews with political and diplomatic figures of various backgrounds and nationalities for the past 20 years through presenting news in an appealing radio voice and high-end Arabic language, a great professional name that often fades behind the microphone but remains present with outstanding professional work that has challenged the acclaim of the listener at all times.

Medi 1 Journalist Sanaa L’masoudi

Ambassador Mokhtar Ghambou of Morocco in Kenya emphasized that Kenya’s vote in favor of UN Resolution 26.02 for Morocco was not made on the spur of the moment, but rather for a good reason, namely to abandon the Algerian proposal, which had always perplexed this country, since it must be remembered that this vote had a beginning ، Moroccans must be aware that Algeria has attempted to advertise a negative image of Morocco in Kenya and elsewhere in East Africa since the early 1980s, despite the fact that Morocco has left the African Union, as King Mohammed VI emphasized in his historic address on the occasion of our return to the African Union in January 2017 ,but he never left Africa, and in the absence of Morocco, Algeria positioned itself in Kenya as a major force, representing not only itself but also the Great Morocco and East Africa.

The Ambassador stated that the decision to vote on Morocco had come as a shock to them because they had expected the contrary. Aside from the context for the agreement, Kenya’s constructive attitude bodes well for a bright future in Kenyan-Moroccan ties, especially because the two nations are economic powerhouses in North and East Africa.

We had no trouble motivating senior Kenyan officials, according to Ghambou, because our speech was based on the polar opposite of Algerian rhetoric, which always relied on temptation rather than persuasion.

The Moroccan ambassador emphasized that persuading Kenya to adopt a positive attitude toward Morocco would take rigorous and continuous diplomatic efforts, but that the task was not impossible, and that I was lucky to be familiar with Kenya’s history and culture before arriving to it.

The Ambassador said, “Kenyan society is a democratic culture in which public opinion plays a fundamental part in the State of Kenya’s sovereign and diplomatic decision-making.” Public opinion increasingly emphasizes the importance of strengthening Moroccan-Kenyan cultural, economic, and political ties, and is more conscious of the misunderstandings that have hampered the cause of our territorial unity in Kenya and East Africa.

On the other hand, Moroccan diplomat Ghambou emphasized the importance of scientific research, knowledge transfer, and academic exchange in preparing future generations for the African Free Trade Area, noting that Morocco has made significant investments in this area, including hosting thousands of African students at its universities and higher education institutions.

A comparison between African countries, in addition to drawing inspiration from the experiences of affluent countries, would be more intriguing due to economic, social, and demographic parallels between African countries.

He emphasized that the success of the African Continental Free Trade Area was contingent on legislation protecting African investors and traders, and that trade development required stability.

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