Pakistan Ambassador to Morocco Mr. Hamid Asghar Khan: Pakistan has never recognized nor engaged with the Polisario or the RASD

In an exclusive statement conducted by Morocco Telegraph with Pakistan Ambassador to Morocco His Excellency Mr. Hamid Asghar Khan.

The statement is about the development of Morocco and Pakistan relationships and also investments and trade between the two fraternal countries, His Excellency
stressed Pakistan’s position regarding the Sahara case.

Here is the full text of the statement:
I would like to begin by thanking you M. Le Editor, M Aziz Eddriouchi for affording me this opportunity to reflect upon Pakistani and Moroccan ties in broad terms.
Allow me also to first congratulate the Government and people of Morocco for having celebrated the 66th anniversary of their independence on Thursday 18 November, 2021.
Pakistan and Morocco enjoy warm cordial and fact fraternal ties going back in history.

The young nation of Pakistan which gained its own independence in 1947, made it a point to be proactively supportive of Morocco’s independence movement in the early 1950’s.In fact, M. Ahmed Balafrej was issued with a Pakistani diplomatic passport to enable him to speak in favor of Moroccan independence from the Pakistan desk at the United Nations in New York.

Today, we are delighted that our Mission is situated on Avenue Balafrej, and that is a tangible reminder of this historic connection between the two brotherly countries which share many similarities. Pakistan is a keen observer of the tremendous and positive socio-economic developments that have taken place in the Kingdom, especially in recent years under the sagacious guidance and rule of His Majesty King Mohammad VI.

Morocco and Pakistan have much in common in addition to their colonial past. Both enjoy an important geo-strategic location on their respective continents, with key ports providing international connectivity and thus trade opportunities. Both have predominantly Muslim populations with close historic ties to the countries of the Gulf and Middle East, and are important and active members of the OIC.

Both countries also confront challenging circumstances in their immediate regions with difficulties that have on occasion led to armed conflict with neighbors. The UNSC has active files on both the Kashmir as well as the Sahara. Robust cooperation and understanding exists with both sides being supportive of each other at international forums. Pakistan has never recognized nor engaged with the Polisario or the SADR.

MT photo
MT picture. His Excellency Mr. Hamid Asghar Khan

Just prior to the outbreak of the Pandemic we have had two important high level official delegations from Pakistan that took place at the invitation of His Majesty’s government. In 2019 the Embassy hosted a Biryani -rice- festival to showcase Pakistani cuisine and hosted a delegation from the federal chamber of commerce.

The Embassy also established the office of the Defence Attache at Rabat and Bilateral Political Consultations took place between the two sides in Islamabad after a gap of a few years in early 2020.

Pakistan is a regular importer of Phosphate to meet its constant fertilizer needs and in fact has a significant joint venture with the OCP in Morocco. Pakistan’s Fauji Foundation is an equal partner in Pak-Maroc Phosphore and the project that is an example of successful commercial cooperation. Active discussions are currently underway to develop on this success to finalize new investments in both Pakistan as well as Morocco.

Trade and investment ties can certainly be improved on, but to truly enable the same we would need to see progress on the proposed Preferential Trade Agreement. It is hoped that mutual visits by the two Foreign Ministers in the coming months will also greatly energize bilateral ties.

We also feel that there is tremendous scope to enhance cooperation in tourism,water research, the areas of food security, urban waste management and counter-terror defence, migration and intelligence areas.

Morocco’s supply chain management and tackling of the Pandemic emergency has remained excellent and its special industrial zones, and the success of the Tanger-Med Port are achievements that we greatly admire. The elected regional and local governments play a great role in public service delivery as significant decentralization has greatly empowered them.

MT picture. His Excellency Mr. Hamid Asghar Khan

The situation in Afghanistan continues to present a challenge to the global community. Pakistan is fully supportive of the formation of a broad based and inclusive government that respects the rights of women and ensures equal access for female students. We are against any reprisals and persecution of functionaries of the previous regimes.

Pakistan strongly believes that the territory of Afghanistan must not be allowed to be used by any extremist or militant organizations, and we appreciate the fact that the Taliban have repeatedly stated that Afghan soil will not be used to harm or attack any other nation. Pakistan as an immediate neighbor is most impacted by developments in Afghanistan, and we wish to be a robust partner for peace, stability and development.

In recent months a number of joint military training exercises at various levels have been held at multiple locations between the armed forces of Pakistan and Morocco. This is a part of the overall bilateral relationship which is developing in all fields.

Despite the linguistic barrier and physical distance, and the preoccupation with respective regional imperatives, the Embassy is optimistic to enhance bilateral connectivity in a number of spheres. In this regard cooperation agreements have been signed with the MAP as well as the IRES and National Library of Morocco in the last one year.

Pakistan shall also be the ‘pays d’honneur’ at next years Diplomatic Car Rally and also at the next edition of the ‘International Salon de Bois’ to be held at Meknes. A textile exhibition, musical performance and art exhibition are also planned in the first few months of next year

With mutual interest and consistent efforts from both sides, we are confident that the future of bilateral ties shall be as warm and mutually rewarding as our past history. It is hoped that in the coming years the level of commercial, trade and investment ties will match the warmth, mutual respect and friendliness felt by the people on both sides.

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