United Nations/Sahara: Large Support for the First National Cause

The United Nations General Assembly adopted the resolution of the Fourth Committee on the Moroccan Sahara on Thursday, enshrining the international community’s commitment to a diplomatic solution to this fictitious issue while fully respecting the Kingdom’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

This resolution reiterates the General Assembly’s support for the UN-sponsored political process, which has been based on Security Council decisions since 2007, in order to establish a “fair, enduring, and mutually acceptable political settlement” to this regional problem.

The approval of this resolution, as well as the arguments that took place at the Fourth Committee throughout the month of October and early November, have once again revealed Algeria’s outdated and declining attitudes on the Moroccan Sahara.

They indicate Algeria’s dwindling support, which can be numbered on one hand, but Morocco, thanks to the righteousness of its cause and the strength of its arguments, has the powerful, active, and ever-growing backing of the overwhelming majority of the world community.

Indeed, the debates on the occasion of the UNGA’s 4th Committee attest to a “resounding” and multiform support for Morocco’s first national cause, as well as the relevance of the autonomy initiative, within the framework of the Kingdom’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, as the only sustainable, realistic, and compromise solution to this conflict from another era.

During the 4th Committee, ambassadors and representatives from the world’s five regions were eager to highlight Morocco’s “credible” commitment and dedication within the framework of the UN political process aimed at reaching a realistic, pragmatic, sustainable, and compromise political solution to this regional conflict.

All through the deliberations, ambassadors and representatives of delegations and regional groups took the floor to show their support for Morocco’s sovereignty over its southern regions, as well as to emphasize the seriousness, credibility, and primacy of the Moroccan autonomy effort.

This emphatic and unqualified support for Morocco’s attitude and territorial integrity clearly demonstrates Morocco’s support, as well as the result of its diplomatic activity at all levels under the insightful and foresighted leadership of HM King Mohammed VI.

Indeed, in the United Nations, 163 countries, representing 85 percent of the organization’s Member States, refuse to recognize the fictitious entity of the Polisario, which Algeria illegally created.

In this respect, it is worth noting that the general debate of the Fourth Committee has confirmed, once again, the referendum’s death and final burial in favor of the consensual political solution to this problem, expressed by the Moroccan autonomy plan.


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