Morocco is the first African country to join the exclusive club of countries having high-speed rail

Morocco has become the first African country to join the limited club of nations using high-speed trains (TGV), according to the American news channel CNN on Friday.

Al Boraq, which connects the port of Tangier and the city of Casablanca, was inaugurated in November 2018 and is the “first and only” TGV in Africa, according to the chain’s “Travel” department, which throws light on the relevance of TGVs in the region. Climate change is being combated on a global scale.

According to the same source, Al-Boraq, which cost over 23 billion dirhams, also holds the African record for rail speed during technical testing conducted in 2017.

This large-scale project, which is part of the LGV master plan to build a network of around 1,500 km made up of the “Atlantic” axis Tangier-Casablanca-Agadir and the “Maghrebian” axis Rabat-Fès-Oujda, takes the Tangier-Kenitra route in 50 minutes instead of 3h15 minutes, Tangier-Rabat in 1h20 minutes instead of 3h45 minutes,

As the world mobilizes to absorb environmental changes, high-speed trains remain the “most efficient and convenient” solution, especially for trips of 1,100 km, according to the article’s author, Ben Jones.



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