The General Directorate of National Security continues to download the integrated project for the rehabilitation and modernization of police facilities (outcome)

For the year 2021, the General Directorate of National Security continued to concentrate on upgrading police institutions, expanding security coverage, and boosting citizen security services.

In its annual report on national security interests for the year 2021, the General Directorate of National Security stated that it continued to download an integrated project for the rehabilitation and modernization of police facilities at the national level, as well as structural reforms in the structural organization of a number of police interests in the Kingdom’s southern regions, in order to enable them to provide a safe environment for the implementation of Develop.

In this context, the national security interests at the Guerguerat border crossing were rehabilitated and supported, and the commission was upgraded to a “special commission” capable of keeping up with the rapid growth of people and goods passing through this vital border crossing for the Kingdom on its African periphery.

Dakhla’s regional security area has also been elevated to the status of “regional security,” with a well-organized structure and ample assistance for human rations and logistical equipment. A tourist police squad, a mobile team for bicycles, and a special security group to defend foreign interests and representations are also on hand to keep the peace.

The restructuring of the security state at the city level of Laâyoune Royal Police Institute, Police Training, was strengthened and supported by the creation of a second security zone, the creation of an explosives detection squad and an anti-gang squad, as well as the appointment of 189 new employees from the Royal Police Institute and various training schools, in an effort to strengthen and improve Police services provided to the local population, providing the necessary equipment.

The General Directorate of National Security continued to implement the “Decentralization of Police Training” project, which aims to bring training institutes closer to trainees and improve training quality. Strengthening the Royal Police Institute’s and the five existing regional schools’ training services, as well as the opening of two additional training facilities

In order to keep up with the urban expansion of the new urban poles and strengthen specialized security units, a police commission has been established in Tamesna in the Rabat suburbs, a fifth security area has been established in Marrakesh, and five police departments have been established in Oujda, Marrakesh, Sidi Yahya al-Gharb, and Tamesna, and the commission for the port of Agadir has been rehabilitated to This seaport is well aware of the situation. In Marrakech, Oujda, and Casablanca, new teams were formed to identify explosives and eliminate the threats of explosive devices, as well as an anti-gang squad in Marrakech and a public information team in the Marrakech-Menara security region.

The scientific and technical police development workshops received a lot of attention throughout the yearly work program for the year 2021, in support of the same modernization strategy, with the goal of assuring effectiveness and efficiency.

In the year 2021, the National Laboratory of the Scientific Police opened a new headquarters on an area of 8,600 square meters, a fourfold increase over the previous headquarters, with advanced engineering characteristics and technical equipment that meet the international specifications of the ISO 17025 quality certificate obtained by the American Organization for Accreditation and Standardization in the previous five years.

The Scientific and Technical Police’s new laboratory includes five technical platforms and a special section for DNA (genetic fingerprinting), which is the first of its kind in Africa and the third in the Arab world in the field of DNA extraction, and can process 20 thousand units of DNA in one slice of paper. In criminal cases, it was necessary to ascertain the diagnostic traits and geographical affiliation of the followers.

This laboratory was also equipped with a unit for diagnosing cases of Covid-19 virus infection for the benefit of General Directorate of National Security employees, as well as other high-resolution equipment and equipment, including those that work with spectral rays, to combat crimes related to passports, visas, national and foreign currencies, identity cards, and others…, based on a database of more than 2,000 models for comparison, as well as a database of more than 2,000 models for comparison, and a database of

Based on a series of applications for 400,000 samples, the laboratory now has sophisticated processes that can detect the organic and inorganic components of the materials subject to treatment, allowing it to be more effective in preventing crime involving firearms and explosives.

The review by the General Directorate of National Security of the main outlines and features of the annual toll of police interests for the year 2021, as a dedication to the communicative approach that it has been following during the past six years, in which it was keen to highlight the efforts made to ensure the security and safety of female citizens and citizens, and the achievements in the field of modernizing services and structures security, and the mechanisms adopted to consolidate good governance in the management of human and financial resources in the police public facility, in addition to foreseeing the planned projects in the field of public security for the coming year.




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