The Arab League recommends the adoption of a unified map of the Arab world, including the full map of Morocco

The League of Arab States sent a message to all of its affiliated organizations and bodies, urging them to use a single map in all of the events it hosts, along with a photo of the Arab countries’ map, which contained the complete territory of Morocco.

The Arab League, according to Arab diplomatic sources, distributed the memorandum to its associated entities and organizations and requested compliance with its substance.

According to the same sources, the Arab League’s stance came in response to a recent protest by the Algerian envoy to the League against the presentation of the whole map of Morocco at one of the Arab Women Organization’s events in Cairo.

The Arab League’s memorandum was accompanied by a detailed map of the Arab world, including a map of Morocco that included the country’s southern provinces, as viewed by the Maghreb Arab News Agency.

In a related vein, the recent Arab housing ministerial meeting in Amman, Jordan, emphasized the importance of respecting geography and state sovereignty, as well as committing to all demonstrations organized by bodies, unions, and organizations affiliated with the Council of Arab Housing Ministers to publish a complete, undivided map of the Arab world.

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