An extremist activating in Sala Al Jadida referred to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in charge of terrorism cases (BCIJ)

The Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ), which is part of the General Directorate of Territorial Surveillance (DGST), referred an extremist supporter of the so-called “Islamic State” organization who was active in the Sala Al Jadida region on Tuesday to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in charge of terrorism and extremism cases.
According to a BCIJ statement, technical expertises and digital analyses performed on the electronic and computer equipment seized in the context of this case revealed that the 24-year-old suspect had downloaded several documents, books, and digital content from extremist sites, recounting the stages of manufacturing explosives and explosive devices and determining the nature of chemicals and components used in their manufacture.
Similarly, these investigations revealed that the suspect downloaded and saved manuscripts and photos that explained, in a practical way, the mode of manufacture and activation of explosives, whether in the context of suicide operations or remote actuation, as well as the possession and archiving of other extremist content on the stages of manufacture of toxic substances and the components used in their preparation, as well as a detailed inventory on the methods and techniques.
According to the BCIJ, the suspect’s technical expertise and investigations revealed that he had progressed to an advanced stage in his terrorist project, indicating that he was on his way to carrying out his destructive plan after conducting several experiments on the preparation and assembly of explosive devices for use in terrorist operations.
The BCIJ arrested this extremist element, which has pledged allegiance to the terrorist organization “Daesh,” on December 16 as part of a coordination and cooperation operation involving the DGST and the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) of Morocco, as well as intelligence and law enforcement agencies in the United States.
This security operation demonstrates the relevance and efficiency of the DGST’s close bilateral collaboration with American security and intelligence services in the battle against violent extremism and terrorist threats on a global scale, according to the same source.

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