Aquaculture: an investment of MAD 869 million in 2021

The National Agency for the Development of Aquaculture (ANDA) continues to work to promote the industry’s growth.

As a result, 168 aquaculture projects with a total investment of 869 million dirhams began operations this year. This is a press review from the Moroccan publication Today Le Maroc. 

This year, 168 aquaculture projects in Morocco’s various regions began operations, with an expenditure of 869 million dirhams, according to Today Morocco’s magazine on Friday.

According to the National Agency for the Development of Aquaculture (ANDA), out of a total of 259 agreements for the creation and operation of aquaculture farms published in the Official Bulletin at the end of 2021, 168 projects have begun the installation of their farms in various parts of the Kingdom, with an eventual production of over 80,000 tons per year and the creation of over 2,000 jobs.

Morocco remembers that on December 29, the agency’s board of directors convened its 18th meeting, which was chaired by Mohamed Sadiki, Minister of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development, Water and Forests.

We understand that the work focused on reviewing ANDA’s accomplishments for the fiscal year 2021, as well as presenting its action plan and provisional budget for the year 2022. In addition to these projects, the ANDA issued a call for expressions of interest from March 3 to June 2 for the development of new aquaculture projects in the regions of Dakhla-Oued Eddahab, Guelmim Oued Noun, Souss-Massa, Tanger-Tétouan-Al Hoceima, and l’Oriental, with over 100 aquaculture farm projects selected for a target production of 100,000 tonnes per year.

“In terms of solidarity aquaculture, ANDA states that it also provides administrative and technical support for 116 social aquaculture projects run by groups of young entrepreneurs and women’s and fishermen’s cooperatives. In the execution of their plans. “To ensure that this category is included, the Department of Maritime Fisheries has set up a structuring program with a budget of 129 million dirhams to provide financial support for these social projects,” Today Morocco reports.

We also learn that, in addition to technical, administrative, and financial assistance, the ‘ANDA has established three educational farms in Dakhla, Agadir, and Ras Al Ma to provide a theoretical and practical training program in the aquaculture profession for the benefit of young entrepreneurs and cooperatives in partnership with the Department of Maritime Fisheries.

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