Algeria’s maneuvers storm the Arab summit and put Tebboune in difficult situation

The Arab leaders struck a devastating blow to Algeria’s military administration, which was attempting to convene an Arab summit, despite the fact that it had become a symbol of Arab disintegration due to hostile attitudes against Morocco’s educational unity.

It was stated yesterday that the next Arab summit in Algiers will be postponed, but no precise date had been specified. The Arab summit will be held in Algiers in March, according to Algerian President Abdel Majid Tebboune.

Hossam Zaki, the League of Arab States’ Assistant Secretary-General, announced in a news statement that the future Arab summit in Algeria “will not be conducted until the month of Ramadan, which will arrive to the Islamic Ummah early next April,” which means the end of May or June.

“The date of the summit will be revealed during the meeting of the Arab Ministers of Foreign Affairs, which will take place at the Secretariat-headquarters General’s in Cairo on March 9,” Zaki added.


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