Covid-19: The Government to reopen airspace for flights to and from the Kingdom of Morocco with effect from 7 February 2022 

Based on the applicable regulations for the management of a state of health emergency and the recommendations of the Scientific and Technical Committee, and taking into account developments in the epidemiological situation in Morocco, the government has decided to reopen air space for flights to and from the Kingdom of Morocco as of February 7.

A technical committee is now analyzing the procedures and steps to be implemented at the level of border posts, as well as the conditions to be given by passengers, according to a government statement issued today, Thursday.

While affirming its request to citizens to continue to fully comply with all precautionary measures and to abide by all directives issued by public authorities in this regard, the Government also calls for the prompt receipt of vaccination doses and the completion of the vaccination course, including the addition of the third dose, as for “national solidarity” in the face of the pandemic fight.

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