Morocco gripped by the plight of a boy trapped in a 30-meter well

Morocco has been shocked by the predicament of a five-year-old boy trapped at the bottom of a water well, as authorities feverishly try to rescue his life. 

On Tuesday, Rayan, a young Moroccan child, fell into a 30-meter-deep well in a town near the Chefchaouen region in northern Morocco.

Since then, rescue operations have continued, and local authorities have confirmed that the boy is still alive after a day.

Services for civil protection To interact with Rayan and monitor live photographs of his surroundings, I hooked a cell phone to a rope and lowered it. The youngster suffered head injuries, and multiple photos of his wounded face have gone viral on social media.

According to local media reports, local authorities have used bulldozers to excavate around the well, but they are concerned that the procedure may damage Rayan further.

Hundreds of residents gathered around the well late into the night on Wednesday to watch the rescue operation.

On Moroccan social media, the issue has been trending, with individuals using the hashtag “Save Rayan” to express solidarity and provide updates.

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