Over 28M have been dug, and preparations for horizontal drilling to save Rayan who has been trapped in a well for days are underway

The vertical digging of a hole parallel to the well where the boy Rayan fell in the commune of Tamorot (Province of Chefchaouen) continued all night Thursday and Friday to reach a depth of almost 28 meters.

According to a credible source on the scene, vertical drilling continued through the night from Thursday to Friday, reaching a depth of 28 meters, with plans in place to start horizontal drilling as soon as the depth reaches 32 meters.

According to the source, excavation work has been halted on occasion in order to take the appropriate precautions, as the rescue operation has progressed to a more difficult stage, and to carry out the necessary interventions to avoid a ground collapse.

Bulldozers and heavy machinery, supported by a team of surveyors and dozens of elements of local authorities, civil protection, the Royal Gendarmerie, and auxiliary forces, have been mobilized since Tuesday evening to rescue Rayan, the 5-year-old child who fell into an uncovered and unfenced 32-meter well near his family’s home in the village of Ighrane, Tamorot municipality (Chefchaouen province).

A Royal Gendarmerie medical helicopter and Ministry of Health resuscitation specialists are also on the scene, performing the essential medical measures before transferring the youngster Rayan to the nearest health institution.

On Moroccan social media, the issue has been trending, with embassies and celebrities using the hashtag “Save Rayan” to express solidarity and provide updates.


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