The funeral of Rayan Oram who fell in a well

A public burial was performed for a five-year-old Moroccan kid who died during a large-scale but ultimately unsuccessful rescue operation.

Rayan Oram, the kid who was stranded in the hole for several days while rescue personnel sought to dig deep into tough terrain, was mourned by large crowds in the village of Ighran.

As word of Rayan’s death circulated late Saturday, messages of support, concern, and grief for the kid and his family came in from all over the world.

Hundreds of mourners hiked the hilly, unpaved road leading to the cemetery in Ighran, Chefchaouen region, northern Morocco, on Monday, where they waited for hours to observe Muslim burial procedures.

“I’m over 50 years old, and I’ve never seen a funeral with that many people.” “Rayan is our son,” one villager explained.

There were so many mourners that the village cemetery and prayer location couldn’t accommodate them all. Mourners could stop by two enormous tents set up in front of the mourning family’s home to offer condolences.

“Rayan’s death has rekindled confidence in humanity,” another villager remarked, adding that “people in different languages and from different nations have expressed solidarity.”

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