Moroccan Embassy in Ukraine Asks Citizens to Leave Ukraine Amid Threat of War

Morocco’s embassy in Kiev has set up a number of phone numbers for civilians to call in order to assist in the evacuation of Moroccan nationals.

Morocco has asked its residents to leave Ukraine as soon as possible due to the potential of war. “The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco suggests that Moroccan people in Ukraine evacuate Kiev for their own safety, using the available commercial flights,” the embassy said in an urgent press release received by Morocco Telegraph.

In the midst of a tense standoff between Russia and Ukraine, and US fears of a possible Russian invasion of the country, the Moroccan government has ordered its residents to leave Ukraine as soon as possible.

The embassy is requesting that any Moroccans in Kiev or Ukraine contact the following phone numbers for assistance: 00380931961457, 00380637837591, and 00380930590259.
Any citizen planning to travel to Ukraine should “postpone their travel for the time being,” according to the embassy.

Morocco’s residents are being evacuated from Ukraine amid a diplomatic standoff between Russia and the United States, which fears Russia is planning an invasion of Ukraine in the coming week. Despite Moscow’s denials, a number of countries are evacuating their citizens due to worries of a conflict erupting in the eastern European country.

Tensions on Ukraine’s frontiers have arisen as a result of Russia’s large-scale buildup of troops, armor, and equipment around its borders with Ukraine. According to US intelligence authorities, Russia is plotting a large-scale invasion, yet populations in both Russia and Ukraine appear unconcerned about a possible outbreak of hostilities.

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