Anonymous group knock down the Defense Ministry’s, RT’s, and Kremlin’s websites

Following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s declaration of war on Ukraine, Anonymous, an international hacktivist group has joined the geopolitical battle between Russia and Ukraine and has publicly proclaimed cyber attacks against him.
Over the previous couple of decades, the hacker movement has been known for its many international hacking attacks.
The announcement was made via their social media platforms:

The hacking group revealed briefly following declaring cyber war on the Russian government that they had already taken down the website of RT, a Kremlin-backed pro-Russian television broadcaster.

They’ve also taken down official Kremlin webpages. The cyberattacks were of the DDoS variety, and the websites have remained unreachable up to the present.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Anonymous has gotten involved in international issues.
Growing numbers of internet users praised Anonymous’ declaration, which brought up the potential that Russia may be the target of systematic hacking attempts in the coming days.

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