Moroccan residents in Ukraine find their way out to safety

Based on the preliminary Moroccan statistics according to reliable sources, 436 Moroccans were able to exit Ukraine via land border gates in a single day.

As shown by Moroccan authorities:

• 251 Moroccan citizens left Ukraine through four land border checkpoints between Ukraine and Romania,

• 130 Moroccans left Ukraine by road through Poland,

• 46 Moroccans nationals left Ukraine via Slovakia,

• Nine Moroccan citizen left across the Ukraine-Hungary border.

Many people falling into line at the waiting gates, at the land border gates, decelerated the evacuation of Moroccan students from Ukraine, so Moroccan authorities in Ukraine were urged to be patient and follow the rules.

Moroccan authorities, led by His Majesty King Mohammed VI commands, are bolstering humanitarian bridges to allow a safe passage for Moroccans fleeing Ukraine amid ongoing Russian military actions.

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