The Putin Fallacy: Rewriting History With A Blitzkrieg

In a rather long expose’ , President Putin tried to convince the whole world  that Russia’s history  must be fine -tuned and subjected to adequate military engineering that would redefine Ukraine’s geographical position and national status.

His pre-invasion aberrant logic tried vainly to  revive Russia’s hegemonistic past characterized by the solid alliance of an all powerful state and a sponsoring, approving church.

Though everyone can use history as a wailing wall to promote and press his present demands, Putin turned history into a ticking minefield surrounded by nukes ready to reap their mass harvest. Such a violent and reckless revision of history lays the ground for a golden rule affirming that each Russian ruler does his best to be portrayed as a national hero. For almost all of them war is a trophy, a medal that sets them above mortal Russian citizens. Lenin had his war. Stalin had wars more than he could handle. Khrutchev, Brezhnev and Yeltsin tested their might in the Bay of Pigs , Afghanistan and Chechnya.

But since the Syrian battlefield proved to be unworthy of a Judo master, Putin raised the stakes and set loose his war dogs in Ukraine. Though pretending to uproot what he labels as Ukrainian “Neo-Nazism” , he adopted one of the bloodiest Nazi military tactics: a Blitzkrieg intended to turn Ukraine into a vast cemetry where dismembered bodies cover the country’s sprawling wheat fields.

He got his war , but images of dead  Ukrainian children will haunt his dreams and prove him wrong because blood is not the proper medium to rewrite history.

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