Breaking news: Morocco succeeds in repatriation of 3384 Moroccans residents in Ukraine

Moroccan diplomacy persists to be successful in evacuating citizens attempting to escape Ukraine’s escalating conflict. According to a source from the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Morocco Telegraph, 3384 Moroccans were able to depart Ukrainian territory and proceed to nearby countries.

Moroccan citizens met staff of the Kingdom’s embassies in a number of countries to welcome them as soon as they entered the territory of neighboring countries. They were supervised on the spot by facilitating Moroccan citizens’ affairs in collaboration with the relevant states.

It will be noted that the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation, and Moroccans living abroad assigned approximately 20 consular personnel, including four former general counsels, to support and assist the staff of Moroccan embassies on the ground in receiving and providing the required help to Moroccans in the four countries bordering Ukraine.

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