Largest attempt to cross Spain’s Melilla border… About 2500 migrants try to scale the high fence

According to the government delegation of Melilla, at 9:30 am up to 2500 sub-Saharan African migrants and refugees tried to cross borders by jumping the fence with only 500 of them succeeding in doing so as the local authorities said.

This flux, called “salto masivo” by the local police of Melilla, is considered the largest ever. On Wednesday, Sabrina Moh, the representative of the Spanish government, has witnessed “live” this border-crossing attempt and was surprised it took place in “broad daylight”.

According to Europa Press, the migrants and refugees were “armed with hooks, sticks, and screws in their shoes and were throwing stones, which meant that they overtook the Moroccan security forces who were trying to prevent them from reaching the fence”.

Also, the Spanish government’s local delegation said “The great violence used by the migrants … overwhelmed the Moroccan security forces who were trying to prevent them from reaching the fence”.

The authorities said that a number of civil guards suffered “slight injuries” due to the act, and about 20 of the migrants have been transferred to the regional hospital.

Sabrina Moh highlighted the efforts and the collaboration between the Moroccan border guards and the Spanish Guardia Civil police.

This took place months after the influx that happened when up to 10,000 people have tried to cross into Ceuta territory in the midst of the Rabat-Madrid diplomatic crisis during May 2021.

During the past years, many attempts to jump the fence took place in Melilla’s borders. The largest amongst them was that of 2014 when about 1100 immigrants have tried to cross the fence with only 492 who managed to do so.

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