Moroccan Diplomacy Blockades Algeria In Human Rights Council

Algeria’s attempts to rally supporters for its crusade against Morocco’s legal situation, as well as its futile attempts to involve international platforms in adopting such positions, were bluntly rejected by Morocco.

In this context, Morocco’s representative Omar Zniber refused the Algerian representative’s marketing of lies about the situation in Morocco during a session of the United Nations Human Rights Council specifically set to discuss a proposition concerning the designation of a fact-finding committee to investigate possible Russian abuses during the military operation in Ukraine.

In light of Algeria’s challenging political circumstances and its use of the judiciary to stifle opposing views, the Moroccan ambassador considered Algeria was neither qualified nor authorized to talk about the Moroccan issue.

He emphasized that “Morocco will never permit being attacked in that manner,” referring to a report by the UN’s special commissary in charge of freedom of expression, which painted a bleak image of Algeria’s situation.

The Moroccan representative’s retort was in response to his Algerian counterpart’s attempts to spread his country’s anti-Kingdom antagonism and undermine the kingdom’s territorial integrity.

His tirade against the kingdom’s legal situation was intended to defend his country’s support of the Polisario in the Sahara conflict. He also expressed his country’s indignation about reports of children being conscripted in Tindouf camps. 

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