Qatar designated as a major non-NATO ally

Qatar joins the list of key allies outside NATO as the 18th country. Three African countries, including two Maghreb countries.
This attribute is “a powerful sign of the close relationship between the United States and the nations that it receives and reflects our deep esteem for friendship with them,” according to the US Department of State.
This classification, as per France Press, provides States with a number of defensive and economic benefits, but it does not guarantee them access to US military protection, as it does for other NATO member states.
While it “provides foreign partners with certain benefits in the areas of defense trade and security cooperation…,” According to the Ministry, “military and economic concessions are offered, but there are no security requirements for the specific country.”
States’ eligibility for defense loan programs, priority delivery for certain military sales, receipt of excess defense materials, and hosting of US-owned reserve war stocks were among the benefits cited by the State Department.

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