Moroccan Sahara: Political members call on other European countries to follow in Spain’s stance

Many European political personalities have praised Spain’s recognition of Morocco’s autonomy plan as the most serious, realistic, and credible solution to the regional dispute over the Moroccan Sahara, and have urged other European countries to follow likewise.

“Spain has made a significant outreach for the resolution of this territorial crisis” with its support for the Sahara’s Moroccanness, tweeted Italian deputy Alessandro Pagano.

“All countries are encouraged to emulate this Spanish initiative.” Let’s hope Italy follows suit soon!” said the politician, who is a member of the Lega.

Marco Zanni, an Italian MEP, praised Spain’s stance, stating he was “pleased to learn that Spain regards Morocco’s autonomy plan as the most realistic and credible framework for settling the Sahara problem.”

He tweeted, “Stability and progress in the region should be a strategic goal for the EU and Italy.”

Asim Ademov, a Bulgarian MEP, agreed, congratulating the Spanish government, led by Pedro Sanchez, for recognizing the Moroccan Sahara autonomy plan as the most serious and genuine alternative.

“There is no doubt that the relationship between Spain and Morocco is vital and essential,” says Elena Valenciano of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party.

“There are various factors in favor of the (Spanish) government changing its attitude,” she said.

Pedro Sánchez, the President of the Spanish Government, wrote to HM King Mohammed VI, emphasizing that “Spain recognizes the Moroccan Autonomy Initiative as the most serious, realistic, and credible framework for resolving the issue” over the Moroccan Sahara.


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