Former Spanish Minister of Interior: Change of Spain’s Position over Moroccan Sahara was “necessary”

In an op-ed published Monday by “la Razon” under the title “State Policy With Morocco”, former Spanish minister of interior Jorge Fernandez Diaz wrote that the change in the position of the Spanish government over the Moroccan Sahara was “necessary”. He added “I affirm categorically that it was necessary”.

After concluding that a country’s foreign policy is defined by the preservation of its interests and strategic needs, he asserted that “the stability of Morocco is strategic for us”, ensuring that “it is necessary to maintain a bilateral relationship based on loyalty, trust and mutual cooperation”.

Following the Spanish government’s decision to support the Moroccan autonomy initiative to resolve the dispute over the Moroccan Sahara, Fernandez Diaz concluded that “Morocco is now recognized as a partner and a priority ally for the foreign policy of Spain and the EU, with which we must promote cooperation at all levels”.

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