The republic of Kenya decided to rescind its recognition of the so-called “Sahraoui Republic” and to take steps to close its representation in Nairobi

Following receipt of a letter from His Majesty the King to the Kenyan President today, Wednesday, the Republic of Kenya has decided to withdraw its recognition of the alleged “Sahraoui Republic” and to initiate steps to close its representation in the country, according to a joint statement cited on the website of the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Kenya.

In order to resolve the conflict, the joint statement clarified that “in respect of the principle of territorial integrity and non-interference, Kenya offers its full support to the serious and credible autonomy model presented by the Kingdom of Morocco, as a single solution based on Morocco’s territorial integrity.”

According to the same source, “Kenya supports the United Nations framework as the sole mechanism to reach a permanent and sustainable political solution to the Sahara dispute.”

In his message, HM King Mohammed VI congratulated William Samoei Ruto on becoming the fifth President of the Republic of Kenya, lauded the success of the nation’s democratic elections in August 2022, and emphasized that these advantages further cemented Kenya’s position as a pioneering nation in the area of democracy on the continent.

His Majesty also took note of the Kenyan president’s promise to deepen and improve the current bilateral ties between his nation and other countries, including those in Africa.

While praising His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s leadership in advancing policies of tolerance and consensus in the Maghreb and his contribution to achieving international peace and security, Mr. William Ruto expressed his willingness and commitment to work with His Majesty to strengthen relations between the two countries.

According to the statement, the two nations agreed to raise their bilateral diplomatic ties to the level of a strategic partnership within the following six months, and the Republic of Kenya also promised to establish an embassy in Rabat.

Additionally, it was decided to quickly expand social, economic, and trade ties between the two nations, particularly in the areas of fishing, agriculture, and food security (importing fertilizers).

It also covers collaboration in the security sector, as well as the domains of health, tourism, renewable energy, and intercultural and interreligious dialogue.
A team headed by Nasser Bourita, Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation, and Moroccan Expatriates, presented His Majesty the King’s message.

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