Moroccan Mariam Bouzin won first place in the Holy Quran Competition in UAE

Mariam Bouzin, a student from Morocco, took first place in the Holy Quran Competition in its inaugural year 2022, which was run by the Mohammed bin Obaid Quran Centre’s Memorization in the United Arab Emirates.

This win was earned by Taroudant’s girl during the closing ceremony on Thursday, which was attended by several representatives from Dubai’s Islamic Affairs sector as well as board members from the UAE’s Mohammed bin Obaid Center for Quran Memorization.

Mariam Bouzin defeated Rayan Tchoukech of Algeria to win the women’s division after memorizing the entirety of the Holy Qur’an. She did this by competing with Rayan Tchoukech to the finals, where several other Arab and Islamic competitors competed.

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