New York: Morocco promotes the transformation of the education system and sustainable development

Morocco has advocated for its plan to reform its system of education and development inside the UN. Chakin Benmoussa described the difficulties that these two top priorities for the kingdom would face in the upcoming years after taking part in the drafting of this educational program inside the CSNMD.

The brainstorming session was held concurrently with the 77th session of the UN General Assembly, which is taking place in New York from September 13 to September 27. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Morocco co-organized a high-level forum on sustainable development and education system reform on Saturday.

This meeting, held as part of the high-level summit on the transformation of education (currently 16-19), was organized in collaboration with Côte d’Ivoire and the UNESCO Institutes of Lifelong Learning. It focused attention on the approaches and strategies likely to transform educational systems in support of achieving inclusive sustainable development.

Speaking at the event, Chakib Benmoussa, Minister of National Education, Preschool, and Sports, emphasized the importance of public schools in the new development model that will be used starting in 2021. He also noted that this ground-breaking model puts the citizen at the center of all development decisions.

He said that Morocco’s goal is to make sure that everyone can fully control their future, realize their potential, and live with dignity in an open, diverse, just, and equitable society by the year 2035, noting that Morocco is a nation that develops its potential and creates value in a sustainable, shared, and responsible way.

According to Benmoussa, “only a significant restructuring of our educational system can allow our country to accomplish development goals like citizen development, social cohesion, economic growth, and territorial inclusion.” Realizing obligatory schooling and enhancing learning quality are essential to fostering quality and ensuring equitable chances in education.

He also said that in order to promote children’s growth, public schools should make sure that all students have the information and abilities needed to excel in school and in life.

Children should learn and value the national and international ideals of citizenship, self-confidence, tolerance, and peace in public schools, he continued. The Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, led by Princess Lalla Hasnaa, participated in this event, making it notable.

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