Mr. Hammouchi receives the Director of US National Intelligence

According to a press release from the Directorate General for Territorial Surveillance, this meeting is a part of the implementation of the outcomes of the high-level bilateral discussions that Mr. Hammouchi had with the American official, on the sidelines of a working visit he had made to the United States, on June 13 and 14, 2022. (DGST).
As per the statement, the two parties assessed the regional security situation and talked about the threats and difficulties that resulted from it in some regions of the world.
The same source claims that in addition to other types of cross-border crime, conversations also centered on the threats posed by relationships between terrorist organizations and organized criminal networks, including cybercrime.
Mr. Hammouchi and Ms. Haines addressed methods to expand bilateral security and intelligence cooperation between Moroccan and American security and intelligence services so that it is consistent with the two countries’ current strategic cooperation at the same time. and cognizant of the difficulties in working together to maintain security and peace at the regional and global levels, according to the news release.
Additionally, given the significance of Ms. Haines’ role as coordinator and head of several agencies. and American intelligence services, as well as the regularity and consistency of meetings between the two parties and the convergence of viewpoints on strategic matters of shared interest, this new interview between the two officials reflects the advanced level of the bilateral partnership in the field of security and intelligence.


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