Brahim Saadoun’s father: I officially learned of his release, and he has just arrived in Riyadh thanks to Saudi-Russian mediation

I appreciate all Moroccans and Arabs from the bottom of my heart, says the father of the Moroccan Brahim Saadoun who was freed thanks to Saudi intervention.
The father of Moroccan Brahim Saadoun expressed his satisfaction at his son’s release with the family on Wednesday evening, 21 Sept., as a result of Saudi intervention.
“Thank God this is a Moroccan celebration, because all Moroccans have been following our son’s case with us from the beginning,” Tahir Saadoun remarked.
Saadoun emphasized that Morocco was demanding more in his remarks, particularly after the trial phases for the Moroccan youngster on capital punishment started in appeal against the decision.
“Moroccans or Arabs’’ the father thanked everyone who helped secure his son’s freedom. 

To express his gratitude from “the top to the bottom,” the father emphasized the fact that he had gotten official notification of his son’s release through communications.

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