Sofia Saidi crowned best Arab presenter in 2022

The young Moroccan Sofia Saidi, who was chosen as Miss Arab in 2019, took home the award for the best Arab presenter at the 14th Maratea Film Festival in Italy.

At the 14th Maratea Film Festival, which took place in Italy from July 27 to July 31, 2022, the young Moroccan presenter Sofia Saidi was given the award for “the best Arab presenter.”

The host of the MBC trending program, which airs on MBC4, expressed her honor at having won this award, which recognizes her efforts and caps off a wonderful journey that allowed her to conduct interviews with notable figures in the business and artistic worlds.

And moreover, “It is a privilege for me to win a prize from the same festival that honored the icon Sophia Loren in the field of cinema last year.”

The young presenter Sofia also stated that the MBC channel is extremely proud of her award and supports her greatly. As a result, the young presenter’s show will be completely redesigned for the upcoming season to specifically address Moroccan viewers’ requests for the young presenter to receive more national stars.

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