Rabat requests clarifications from South Sudan

In a statement released on September 22nd, the South Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that it had received an official request for “clarifications” regarding a meeting between a delegation from its nation and Front Polisario leaders in New York from the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs through its embassy there.

The meeting between the vice president of South Sudan and the purported “foreign minister” of the separatist “Polisario” Front took place the day before yesterday, on Tuesday, September 20, drawing the ire of Morocco. Rabat demanded clarifications about the meeting, which was held outside of the general discussion during the 77th session of the UN General Assembly.

In response to the Moroccan Foreign Ministry’s request for an explanation regarding the recent reconciliation between its nation and the “Polisario,” the South Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a press release stating that the two countries continue to have close bilateral ties.

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