Bourita meets in New York with the President of the 77th Session of the UN General Assembly

The President of the 77th Session of the General Assembly, Csaba Korosi, met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation, and Moroccans Abroad, Nasser Bourita, in New York at the UN headquarters. They were joined by Ambassador Permanent Representative of Morocco to the UN, Omar Hilale.

In addition to congratulating him on his victory, Mr. Bourita emphasized that Morocco was fully prepared to collaborate with the new UNGA President on practical efforts to address the global difficulties the UN and its member states face, such as the energy, financial, and climate crises.

He emphasized the organization and significant initiatives undertaken by the Kingdom in accordance with His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s High Guidelines, particularly in the areas of education, the expansion of social security, renewable energy, the environment, health, and vaccine sovereignty for Morocco and for Africa.

Additionally, Mr. Bourita emphasized the High Royal Instructions and the aim for advancing women’s rights and societal engagement.

During this discussion, the President of the General Assembly emphasized the significant role and contribution Morocco has made to the UN on crucial subjects including the Sustainable Development Goals and water management. In this regard, he hoped that the General Assembly would gain from Morocco’s knowledge in this area at the upcoming meetings he planned to start between November and March of next year, when he will be in office.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Mr. Bourita extended an invitation to the President of the General Assembly to travel to Morocco on business during his term. Mr. Korosi accepted the invitation and expressed his gratitude to the Kingdom.

The interview took place before the 77th session of the UN General Assembly’s general debate.

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