Brahim Saadoun Thanks the Royal Families of Morocco and Saudi Arabia

The Moroccan student Brahim Saadoun, who was given the death penalty by a Donetsk court then freed on September 21, he was welcomed by his mother after his arrival in Casablanca on September 24, 2022, two days after being released as part of a prisoners exchange.

Saadoun thanked the royal families of Morocco and Saudi Arabia in a statement to the media for helping to secure his freedom. “Words fail to capture how I feel. I didn’t believe it at first, and it wasn’t until I got to Saudi Arabia after my release that I truly understood [what was occurring].” he added.

The young Moroccan student also expressed gratitude to the Moroccan community for its assistance throughout the trying time he endured as a war prisoner held in the self-declared, pro-Russia Donetsk People Republic in Eastern Ukraine.

After months of sorrow and anguish, Saadoun’s father thanked King Mohammed VI and expressed his “immense” joy and happiness at finally being able to hold his son in his arms.

“My kid has returned home at last, and we are overjoyed. Since Brahim is still with us today as a result of His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s intervention, I would like to take this opportunity to thank him, Tahar Saadoun stated.

Brahim Saadoun was sent to the Gulf nation as part of a prisoner release between Moscow and Kiev thanks to Saudi Arabia’s mediation with Russia.

The Moroccan was one of twelve priority prisoners of war from different nations. The Moroccan student had received a death sentence on June 9, 2022, after being accused by a Donetsk court of taking part in the Ukraine war as a Ukrainian “mercenary.”

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