Algeria is looking forward to HM king Mohammed VI attendance at the Arab summit

The 31st meeting of the Arab Summit will be held in Algeria from November 1–2, and preparations are already being made.

According to reliable sources, more than 17 Arab presidents and kings have given Algeria strong assurances that they will attend in person.

The official invitation to King Mohammed VI to attend the Algeria Summit will be delivered by Algeria’s envoy to Morocco in the coming week.

The Algiers summit suggests tackling the difficult Arab challenges on three fronts, starting with the security level and the complicated scenario that it entails on Libyan land, the Yemeni crisis, and the crises in Syria, Sudan, and Somalia, which take the form of an armed security battle.

In addition to the third level, which is focused on the Palestinian cause, the second and third levels address regional files linked to the situation in Iraq, Lebanon, and Libya as well as the constitutional vacuum crises in those countries.

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