Flights from Morocco to Qatar to support the lions For only 5000 dirhams

The Royal Moroccan Football Federation, the Ministry of National Education, Primary Education, and Sports, as well as Royal Air Maroc, have announced the beginning of a remarkable tour program that will allow Moroccan national team supporters to watch the matches in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup.

According to a joint statement from the Royal Moroccan Football Federation, Royal Air Maroc, and the Ministry of National Education, Preliminary Education, and Sports, the show enables national team supporters to attend the three matches of the Moroccan team in the first round of the World Cup final, from November 20 to December 4.

The same communication also stated that the company would schedule additional direct flights with a capacity of 3,000 seats during the same time period with a specific price of 5,000 dirhams (round trip) and inclusive of all fees. These flights would be scheduled in addition to the direct daily flights between Casablanca and Doha.

Tickets must be purchased in advance through Royal Air Maroc’s commercial agency in order to enter the matches in order to take advantage of this offer.

The same source states that the flights will be run by Boeing 787-8 and 787-9, which have the best comfort and safety features and can accommodate 274 and 302 passengers, respectively.

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