COP27: UK welcomes environmental partnerships with Morocco

Grant Shapps, the British Secretary of State for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy, praised Morocco and the UK ‘s strong and enduring relationship in the field of environmental protection and the battle against climate change on Friday in Sharm el-Sheikh COP27.

Grant Shapps expressed his happiness with the superb collaboration between the UK and Morocco in the areas of use of clean energy and protection of the environment during the “Breakthrough Agenda” event, which was held in the Moroccan pavilion as part of the Climate Summit in COP27.

To promote the transformation in the energy, infrastructure, and green growth sectors in the Middle East and North Africa area, he noted that Morocco is the second country to receive climate money approved by the United Kingdom.

Grant Shapps also brought up the fact that Morocco is one of the founding nations of the Energy Transition Council, an initiative that the United Kingdom spearheaded as part of its presidency of the international climate conference last year.

Leila Benali, the minister for energy transition and sustainable development, expressed her appreciation to the United Kingdom for serving as co-chair of the initiative “Energy breakthrough: international priority measures for 2023,” which was introduced at the climate conference in Glasgow last year with the involvement of relevant parties, including signatories, the International Energy Agency, and United Nations climate champions who have deployed their efforts over the past few years.

She made it clear that this initiative is unprecedented in terms of its goals and content, particularly about the top priorities related to changing the way that energy is produced and distributed, as well as financing, participation, investment, social impact, research, infrastructure, knowledge, and innovation.

Leila Benali also mentioned that as a representative of the South and developing nations, particularly Africa, Morocco is committed to the main ideas of this initiative and is urging other nations, financial institutions, the private sector, technology suppliers, and institutions to support these important initiatives.

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