ONMT Launches a Second Wave Of Tourist Promotion with 19 Countries

The National Confederation of Tourism (CNT) and the presidents of the Regional Councils of Tourism, who are the main parties affected by this campaign, attended a preview presentation of the second wave of communication from the ONMT for the promotion of Morocco as a destination yesterday, Thursday, November 10, 2022, in Rabat, according to a press release from the Office.

The general manager of the ONMT, Adel El Fakir, gave a performance evaluation of the first promotional wave and highlighted the possibilities for the marketing strategy at the presentation of this advertising campaign, which targets customers from 19 different countries. territorial and national office. Thus, it was determined by the post-tests that in the target markets, 60% of foreign visitors (up to 74% and 80% in Spain and France) were exposed to this advertising campaign.

According to the Office’s press release, “These performances lead to a spectacular increase in the reputation of the destination and an improvement in its image on three strategic criteria: as a “Trendy” destination (+5 points), “Exclusive and Luxurious” (+9 points), and distinguished by its “Security” (+15 points), which has become a deciding factor for world travelers.

This Friday, November 11, 2022, the second wave of communication will begin. It will be based on a TV media strategy on the major worldwide networks, as well as in theaters and on other online platforms. According to the press release from the ONMT, this advertising campaign includes “an essential regional focus” in terms of display, insertions in the written press, and social media.

“Terre de Lumière” is a distinctive marketing initiative against our rivals that could enable Morocco to place itself among the top 10 most sought-after travel destinations in the world (…) Our goal is to develop cutting-edge, universal, and unique Brand-Destinations to convey all of Morocco’s experiences. Everyone will benefit from this strategy, which is being developed in collaboration with institutional and professional players, according to Adel El Fakir.

16 high-potential locations have been determined based on an extensive technical and semantic analysis of the assets and characteristics of the various areas in Morocco. According to the ONMT, a first series of ten brands has been developed, and six more are currently under development.

The newly developed brand identities for each location focus on, among other things, recognizing and elevating the brands that make up each one’s ADN: monuments and symbols, regional specialties, human or natural, colors and themes, pictures and graphics.

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