Morocco to host first national conference on 5G ecosystem

On December 7-8, the Dawliz Art & Spa Hotel in Rabat, the capital of Morocco, will play home to 5G Event Morocco, the country’s first national conference on the 5G ecosystem in Africa.

Through the participation of government representatives from Morocco, Africa, and Europe as well as specialists in contemporary technologies, the two-day conference hopes to shed light on the many business models of the 5G ecosystem.

According to the press release from 5G Event Morocco, the conference aims to give national and international participants an exchange platform to talk about and analyze 5G technology from economic, social, and technical perspectives, with the goal of transforming helpful recommendations and current networks into future resources.

1st edition of the 1st Event In Morocco and Africa around the 5G ecosystem.
1st edition of the 1st Event In Morocco and Africa around the 5G ecosystem.

Considering the importance of 5G networks and their promising role in creating opportunities for individuals, businesses, and societies, the conference will focus on five main topics, to be overseen by a scientific committee of senior Moroccan and foreign experts.

Among the key topics on the table are 5G business models, cloud sovereignty, and cyber security.

Considering the importance of economic infrastructure in the growth of societies and economies, participants will be able to generate proposals for improving the Moroccan economy’s effectiveness and competitiveness on the continental and global levels.

A tech business focused on 5G networks, the internet of things, and information and communication technologies, Beamtel Morocco, is in charge of organizing the conference

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