El Salvador reiterates its support for the Kingdom’s sovereignty over the Sahara

The position was “clearly expressed in 2019” on the occasion of the visit by the Minister of International Relations of El Salvador, Alexandra Hill Tinoco, to the Kingdom, according to Mr. Ulloa, who was speaking at a press conference after his discussions with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation, and Moroccans Abroad, Nasser Bourita.

The Salvadoran official had reiterated that her nation supported the Kingdom’s autonomy proposal and the Moroccanness of the Sahara, calling it “the only answer” to the regional conflict.

Assuring that this decision, made by President Nayib Bukele, is an example of the Republic of El Salvador’s desire to open up to the Arab world, and in particular to Morocco, Ms. Hill Tinoco also highlighted her country’s “definitive withdrawal” of its recognition of the “puppet entity” of the “SADR.”

According to the Joint Declaration released in 2019 at the conclusion of the working visit by the head of Salvadoran diplomacy, the Republic of El Salvador believes that the Autonomy Initiative is “the only basis for a realistic, viable, and serious solution, within the framework of full respect for the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Morocco and its national sovereignty. on its southern provinces.”

According to the Declaration, the Salvadoran government “supports the serious and credible efforts” undertaken by Morocco to resolve this regional problem through “a realistic, pragmatic, and long-lasting political solution, which is based on compromise.”

During his conversation with Mr. Bourita, the vice-president of El Salvador underlined the desire of his nation to increase bilateral and United Nations assistance for the Moroccan Sahara problem.

“This dynamic has allowed us to build embassies in our respective nations,” he said, remembering Mrs. Hill Tinoco’s visit to the Kingdom in October, when she officially opened the Republic of El Salvador Embassy in Rabat, the first of its kind in Africa.

In this sense, Mr. Ulloa stated that the two nations’ closer ties have made it possible to start a number of initiatives aimed at strengthening their bilateral cooperation relations. He gave the signing of a twinning agreement between the capital cities of Rabat and San Salvador as well as the exchange of visits between parliamentary and business delegations from the two countries as examples.

He also thanked the Kingdom for providing his nation with the financial and technical support needed to establish a number of initiatives in the agriculture and livestock industries as well as new technology.

The Salvadoran official expressed the readiness of his nation, “which will always remain alongside the Kingdom,” to support Morocco’s admission to the Central American Integration System and to defend its interests, and emphasized the need to establish a new roadmap with a view to consolidating bilateral relations and joint cooperation in the respective regions of the two countries.

The Salvadoran vice-president, who is in Morocco and will meet with many Moroccan authorities, claimed that El Salvador is aware of the value of the Kingdom as a gateway to Africa.

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