SDX Energy: Two Gas Production Wells in Morocco To Be Operable

Following the successful drilling of the SAK-1 and KSR-20 wells in northern Morocco, SDX Energy, a London-listed energy firm with interests in both Morocco and Egypt, announced the inauguration of two gas production regions in Morocco on Monday.

After the two producing zones are operational, SDX Energy said in a public filing that it plans to drill further wells in Morocco under its four exploration licences in 2023.
The company’s infrastructure is now linked to the SAK-1 well, which is now operational. According to test results, the gas discovery quantities will likely be larger than the 0.44 billion cubic foot (12.4 million cubic meters) pre-drill P50 estimate for gas volumes, according to the filing.
The KSR-20 well, which is still the subject of technical research, was also declared to have gas reserves by the business. The well will be operational “as soon as tie-in and permission are complete,” with the precise specifications of the gas resource to be announced later.

The business stated that it has presently identified more than 70 potential drilling zones in the statement.
Mark Reid, CEO of SDX, said: “We are satisfied with the findings of both the SAK-1 and KSR-20 wells” in response to the announcement of the gas discovery.
Reid stated that the wells “would instantly contribute to production and income growth in an area where demand and gas price are high in addition to creating a new play fairway with a number of follow-on drillable opportunities.”
According to the CEO, “Morocco is a major area of potential development for SDX and we look forward to planning more drilling in 2023,” when asked about the company’s upcoming operations in the area.

The CEO also expressed gratitude to Morocco’s National Office for Mines and Hydrocarbons (ONHYM) for providing an exceptional drilling crew and the ONHYM 525 rig, which was greatly utilized during the campaign.
In the drilling operations, SDX now has a 75% interest, while ONHYM owns a 25% interest. Four exploration and drilling licences owned by the business are located in Morocco: Sebou Central, Gharb Occidental, Moulay Bouchta Ouest, and Lalla Mimouna Sud.

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