Alleged fall of Russian missiles in Poland

According to unofficial sources, at least two Russian missiles fell in Poland on Tuesday near the Ukrainian border.

According to the Polish radio station Zet, the rockets landed near a grain store in the Polish settlement of Przewodow, close to the Ukrainian border. According to Polish media, two persons were killed in the event, which did not specify the sort of missiles used.

Following the disclosure of this material, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki convened an emergency meeting of the government’s security and defense committee.

According to Piotr Müller, a spokesman for the Polish government, this conference was called “in light of the present crisis scenario.”

On Tuesday evening, Polish President Andrzej Duda spoke by phone with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who stated that “all the facts must be established.”

“Spoke with President Duda  about the explosion in Poland. I offered my condolences for the loss of life. NATO is monitoring the situation, and Allies are closely consulting. Important that all facts are established,”

Extending his “condolences” for the fatalities that, according to unverified information, might be connected to a Russian missile strike. The Russian Defense Ministry has denied allegations of a Russian missile strike in Poland, calling them “provocations.”

“Statements by Polish media and officials about the supposed fall of Russian missiles near the village of Przewodów are an intentional provocation aimed at worsening the situation,” according to a ministry statement.

“No target near the border between Ukraine and Poland has been struck by Russian weapons,” the ministry said, adding that images of “debris” from the scene of the events in Przewodow “had no link with Russian weaponry.”

If the information is confirmed, Poland, a NATO member, could invoke Article 5 of the Atlantic Alliance treaty, which states that if a member state is the victim of an armed attack, the others will regard the act of violence as an armed attack directed against the entire membership and will take whatever measures are deemed necessary to support the attacked country.

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