First Phases of Security Cooperation Program to Be Launched by Morocco and the UAE

The General Command of Abu Dhabi Police in the UAE and the General Directorates of National Security and Territorial Surveillance (DGSN-DGST) of Morocco will begin implementing the initial phases of a bilateral program on Monday with the goal of fostering cooperation and knowledge sharing in the security sector.

According to a statement from DGSN, the implementation of a program aiming to increase the exchange of visits between security officials will be part of the framework of bilateral cooperation between the two security units in Morocco and the UAE. This will allow security officials to exchange experiences in various policing fields.

The execution of cooperative training programs for preventing crime, upholding the law, and enhancing the use of science and technology in the security sector is also covered under the collaboration agreement.

The DGST will provide training courses in a variety of subjects, including intelligence, as part of the programs. A number of security teams from the Abu Dhabi Police will benefit from the training. Combating terrorist groups and transient crime will be included in the courses.

A two-month theoretical training program in the area of judicial police and crime prevention will begin on Monday at the Royal Police Institute. Today is the beginning of the training phase.

The program will also include practical training with centralized and focused individuals connected to various security organizations in Morocco, such as the National Judicial Police Brigade and the National Laboratory of Scientific and Technical Police.

In order to “ensure the reinforcing of security of the two countries and the safety of their citizens,” the DGSN concluded its statement by highlighting how the partnership program reflects the shared willingness to tighten cooperation between Morocco and the UAE in a variety of fields, including security.

A few months after Abu Dhabi’s Staff Major General Pilot Faris Khalaf Al Mazrouei’s visit to Morocco in October, the cooperation program was officially launched.

Al Mazrouei met with Abdellatif Hammouchi, the head of DGSN-DGST, during his visit. The meeting provided an opportunity to discuss the two nations’ current cooperation and aimed to increase it further in order to combat regional threats.

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