Morocco and China form a working group to strengthen trade and industry.

Ryad Mezzour, the Moroccan Minister of Commerce and Industry, and Li Changlin, the Chinese ambassador in Rabat, signed a memorandum of agreement on “the creation of the Working Group on Trade Facilitation and Promotion,” according to Le360. On this occasion, the two parties highlighted the two nations good political relations, noting that this environment of understanding and partnership will support trade and industry development.

The Chinese ambassador to Morocco recently stated in an interview with Le360 that his country is interested in the construction of the High Speed Line (HSL) between Marrakech and Agadir. “China wants to win this market,” he stated, before adding that his country and its big banks are capable of providing “the funding required for the realization of this line at a favorable rate.”

“We have the necessary technology, skills, and funding to complete this project successfully. China and its companies, I repeat, are prepared to carry out this task “Li Changlin Added.

In terms of economic and trade relations, the ambassador stated that trade between Morocco and China had reached 6.5 billion dollars in 2021, “a record value never recorded in the history of economic and trade relations between the two nations.”

According to Li Changlin, the two countries are currently “are meeting with one another to develop another strategy for future collaboration. He stated, as an ambassador, “I am pretty positive about the prospects for Sino-Moroccan collaboration.

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