Lekjaa: Morocco have potential to compete with any team

After surpassing the role of the groups of the 2022 Qatar World Cup Finals by winning their group by seven points, Fouzi Lekjaa, president of the Royal Federation of Morocco Football, affirmed that Morocco’s national team has the qualifications to be able to play with any other team.

In an interview with Morocco Telegraph, he said that the national team had a chance to defeat Spain as the opening game in a group that also featured Belgium, the second-ranked team in the world, and Croatia, the runner-up.

He stated that “I think all the factors are there to go as far as possible” when “there is will, the mental aspect, and when the group is in a good position”.

Returning to the defeat of Canada (2-1) and the subsequent qualifying for the round of 16, he said that he shared a feeling of pride with all Moroccans “pride and honor,” stating that “the Moroccan crowd was mesmerized, the national song played a magnificent moment. Because of His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s leadership, we have put forth a lot of effort and experienced these life-changing events.”

In light of the fact that “the competition of the World Cup is not only physical or technical preparation but also mental preparation, which is an essential factor,” the president of the Royal Football Federation of Morocco noted that following the victory over Canada and qualifying for the eighth Final, he called on players to believe in their potential and confidence.

When you enter the field of play without an inferiority complex, you can compete with any squad, he said.

Regarding the national team’s physical condition following the match against Canada, Mr. Lekjaa stated that “the medical staff is tracking the best techniques.”

Returning to the selection of Walid Regragui as national team coach, he clarified that “Today, everyone agrees that my choice was wise. I had to make a choice, and I did. I have accepted and will continue to accept responsibility for it.”

He added: “It had that vibe that the national team needed (…). It was important to create a positive environment for the group. I had finally created the ideal profile.”

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